Established in 2004,  our company started production with communication cables for global markets. In 2010 , we have added  low-voltage power cables to our production line.  Since the day we  started  production our first priority has always been "customer satisfaction" which made it possible for a relatively new brand "AKS" in market to grow fast. As of 2016, we are exporting to 17 different countries along with expansion of distirbutor channels in local market.   We are writing our journey to success  with quality.  Our research and development team is always looking for a better and faster solution to your needs.  On the other hand , our quality assurance policy is there to make sure our clients recieve the best quality and service with every purchase. In AKS CABLE , we believe that

" Our job is not done until we see a satisfied cllient"



Our Production capacity is growing
After major investment in 2015, our machinery park and capacity has been raised over 50 %

Homemade PVC granule
We are now using our own PVC granule that is been produced in our premises. Started in  December 2015 with the capacity of 200tons per month

Product catalog 2015
Product catalog has been published. Added new product line of Power cables and control cables. Our new product catalog is avaiable on line. Click here to download your own copy


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